Wellbeing gifts for the Festive Season

Wellbeing gifts for the Festive Season

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As the silly season approaches and gifting is top of mind for many, we’ve created a curated list of thoughtful wellbeing gifts that will truly enrich the lives of those receiving them. With over-consumption and throwaway items a hot topic at this time of the year, why not adopt an anti-consumerism mindset and rather approach festive season gifting with authenticity and enrichment in mind?

Skär Organics

Skär Organics offers the UK’s first and only certified organic candles. Combining the ancient art of candlemaking with the world’s most luxurious and pure ingredients, Skär’s mission is to produce beeswax candles that not only benefit the soil, the beekeepers and the bees – but ones that benefit the lives of its consumers too. With delightful scents that fragrance the whole room, options include Orange Spice and Ylang Ylang, and an array of sizes – from votives to pillar candles.


Skär Organics Candles Skär Organics Scented Candles


Eco Bath London

From nostalgic favourites like soap-on-a-rope to modern-day necessities like bath bombs, Eco Bath London has it all. Apart from every item being aesthetically pleasing – and a treat for the senses – everything is organic, vegan and eco-friendly. Eco Bath’s range of ethical products encourage you to enjoy your downtime guilt-free, as it should be!


When you buy someone a Castorvida Castor Oil pack you are gifting them with a wellbeing product that keeps on giving. With numerous benefits for a variety of ailments, Castorvida’s Castor Oil packs are all organic and eco-friendly, and allow their users to take their health and wellness concerns into their own hands. Able to assist with various conditions – from infertility and digestive concerns to aches and pains, inflammation and endometriosis – the packs ate reusable and easy to use.


For your green-fingered favourite family and friends, Growbar’s products are incredible – just add water! Their extensive range of seed bars is astonishing – offering flowers, edibles and heritage options, plus cool trio packs (think: for the chef in your life, for the flower- lover, for those wanting to attract more bees) – and they are so easy to use, just unwrap and place in a suitable container, water and then watch them grow, later moving them to a suitable plant pot or the garden.

Mål Paper

Mål Paper’s collection of products has been designed and produced to foster positive daily habits – with the end result aiming to equal a happier, calmer and more productive way of living. Offering gratitude journals, affirmation cards and a range of other motivational items they hope to create a more mindful and serene way of life for those who use their products.


A day of gratitude Questions To Empower


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