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Be kind to your body. It’s the only place you’ll ever live.

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Our castor oil is organic & cold pressed to preserve it’s natural goodness

FREE FROM chemicals, pesticides & fertilisers making the product better for both you and the environment.

A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

The age old tradition of castor oil packing has been known to assist with:

  • Liver Detox
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Digestive Support
  • Improved Circulation
  • Aches & Pains
  • Improved Sleep

Organic &

Free from Chemicals,
Pesticides & Fertilisers


Created by nutritional therapist & colonic hydrotherapist Alison Leighton

Having been long aware of the health benefits of castor oil, Alison set out to design a way of making the process as easy & comfortable as possible, whilst still optimising the all-important health benefits.


Our Castorvida castor oil & castor oil packs were designed to make the castor oil packing process easy and comfortable. Enabling people to effortlessly incorporate it into their self-care routine.

Designed For Ease

Castorvida Packs


The only thing that has fixed my digestion

"This product has changed my life. I've tried countless expensive supplements and powders, acupuncture, diet changes, everything... and this castor oil pack is the only thing that has helped my digestion! I noticed an effect the following morning. I don't know how it works but it has been so amazing for my gut health."


These Castor oil packs have proven this natural therapy so EASY!

"This means I'm using my compress 3-4 times a week for maximum benefit, instead of once in a while. Thank You Castorvida!”


I absolutely love my castor oil pack, it’s helped so much with my cramps from my monthly cycle.

"Found it comfortable to wear in bed all night. Would highly recommend using this company to purchase a castor oil pack and love their social media too. Full of helpful tips and advice!"


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